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Why Shop Sustainable: 3 Reasons Why You Should Make Sustainable Lifestyle Choices

While it may be seemingly difficult, making a gradual shift towards a sustainable and more eco-friendly lifestyle costs next to nothing for most. You can start by making small changes like carrying your own shopping bags when you go to the grocery store or using a reusable water bottle. But when it comes to shopping for your everyday essentials, like kitchen equipment, clothes and accessories, you may find yourself wondering if they are, after all, worth it.

Well, they are.

Here are a few reasons why you should make sustainable lifestyle choices:

1. Support local economy

Buying local is one of the best and easiest ways to be more sustainable. This means you are cutting down on the distance an item travels to reach you, thus effectively helping conserve resources in the form of less packaging and less fuel for transportation. It also allows you to support the local economy by keeping most of your money in it.

2. Contribute to fair wages and working conditions

Sustainable brands are also usually ethical as well. They pay their workers and employees fair wages and offer them good working conditions, with a high level of safety and hygiene. When you support brands like these, you essentially say no to harsh working conditions and worker exploitation.

3. Reduce carbon footprint

Mass production in factories leaves a large carbon footprint in the form of waste; air, water and soil pollution; and a host of other negative effects on the environment. The products made in such factories also use materials that often require a significant amount of energy to produce. Sustainable products, on the other hand, are created from natural materials and barely require any chemical treatments. They also consume less water and energy. Materials like wood are also biodegrabable.

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