Q: How do I care for my Woodzie?

A: The Woodzie should last you a good long while if you follow a few simple steps:
Wipe off condensation before sticking your can in it
Wipe it down with mineral oil from time to time to keep the finish fresh
Don’t drop it in the water
With these simple steps your Woodzie will be a dependable can cooler for years to come.

Q: My Woodzie is Tight/Loose. What’s the deal?

A: Did you know that wood is still alive? The cells of wood will continue to move and shift as the humidity and temperature changes. Have you ever noticed that a door will stick in the summer, but swing free in the winter? This is because the cells of the wood are still expanding and contracting with the seasons. The wood in your Woodzie is no different. We fit every Woodzie to a can with a stick on label (yes, that little sticker will make or break the fit of a can) but the conditions surrounding it may change, and it may get a bit tighter or a bit looser. If you take a small piece of coarse sandpaper, you can sand down a tiny bit of the cork to allow the can to fit. It can literally be one or two passes to get the can to slide in. Circumference can be funny that way.

Fun fact about circumference. Imagine you tied a rope tightly around the Earth, so it was hugging the surface all the way around. Now imagine you wanted to raise the rope one meter off the ground. How much extra length will you need to add to the rope? Though it may seem like you’d need miles of rope, the answer is 6.28 meters.

Q: My cork looks like squirrels have been gnawing on it. Do you employ squirrels?

A: No, we do not employ squirrels. As stated above, each woodzie is made from wood. Even though we bore out each woodzie to the same exact diameter, the wood can move once the material has been released from the center. After we apply the cork, we then need to fit each and every woodzie to a can of beer. Sometimes, we need to sand off a bunch of that cork that we just glued in, and in this process, a bit of tearing can occur. While it may look a bit rough, it will not affect the performance of the woodzie, and I guarantee you will not see it after you put a can into it. We do our best not to let this happen, but from time to time, it does occur, and have to be ok with it, as each one is a handcrafted item. If you truly cannot live with it, please let me know, and I will be glad to swap out your woodzie with a new one. ( I can always feed the old one to the squirrels… that I definitely do not employ.)

Q: Can I get one of these bad Larry’s with my logo engraved on it?

A: You bet you can! Simply find the custom engraved woodzie page on our site, and send us your graphic. We’ll reach out to go from there.

Q: Can I get 200 of these with my logo on them?

A: Hell yeah! Now we’re talking! Send your inquiry to sales@betterwheelvt.com, and we will get back in touch with you in short order about wholesale pricing.

Q: Where does the wood come from?

A: It all starts with a seed. With the right mix of water, light and warmth, a seed sprouts, sending its first shoot up and its first root down. The young leaves begin to soak up the sun. Like all green plants, trees make their own food by a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis takes place in the leaves, with the help of a green substance called chlorophyll. Fueled by the sun’s energy, water, nutrients and carbon dioxide combine to make sugar and oxygen. The tree releases the oxygen into the air. The tree uses the sugar to produce all of its parts – leaves, wood, bark, roots, flowers and fruits – and to grow larger…. O wait, where does this specific wood come from? We harvest the wood from our forest here in Newfane VT, or source the wood from local arborists, using storm fall or nuisance trees.

Q: Wait, nuisance trees? WTH is a nuisance tree?

A: You know, like “I have this massive 200 year old Maple tree in my front yard that I love dearly, but now it’s sick, and may fall on my home and squoosh it, so it has become a nuisance.” Great, now I’ve typed the word nuisance so many times it doesn’t look like a real word anymore.

Q: Can I put a bottle in a Woodzie?

A: I mean, I’m not here to tell you what you can and can’t do. A bottle will totally fit in a woodzie, however, a bottle is just a bit smaller than a can in circumference. To take up the slack, I recommend using one of those cheap foam coozies that people toss out in SWAG bags of all sorts. I’m not a fan of a foam coozie, but it’s already out there, and it’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, so you might as well put it to good use.

Q: Can I put a 16 oz. can in a 12 oz. Woodzie?

A: Definitely. It might stick out a bit on top, but some people like that look.

Q: Can I put a 12 oz. can in a 16oz. Woodzie?

A: Well, once again, I’m not here to tell you what you can and can’t do, however… You might want to put on your problem solving boots before tackling this endeavor. Can it be done? Yes. After you spill your beverage across the inside of the Woodzie and the wood swells, will you be able to get that can back out? Well, that’s a crap shoot. What we typically do is look around for something about an inch thick, like a stick or a rock. We throw that in the bottom, toss in the can, and your good to go. ( fun fact: a racquetball is the perfect size to take up the space for a 16 oz woodzie to hold a 12 oz. can.